Current Services
This is a list of the most requested services I currently offer.  If you do not see something listed here please feel free to contact me. Again, due to each project being done by hand, changes can be made as per customer request. The process that is used for the reduction and texturing will not separate or split. The texturing will not peel or flake off like spray on finishes. The texturing becomes part of the pistols grip.
If you are sending your frame in for work other than a reduction, shipping is a flat rate of $$20.00
A work order form must be included with each order.

Basic Texturing package $45.00
This is for Texturing the backstrap and in between the finger humps only.  The factory checking is removed and replaced with the texturing of your choice.

Standard Texturing package $65.00
Glock,M&P, and XD:      
Backstrap, side panels and between finger grooves on all Glock pistols.  The texturing can be continuous all the way around the back and sides of the grip at the owners request.  On the XD this is for the backstrap and front strap.  S&W M&P will be textured on one grip panel and the front grip area matching the lines

360 Texturing package $90.00
Glock, M&P, and XD: 
This is the standard package plus texturing around the entire grip surface.  For all Glock XD and M&P pistols.  This can be done with or without the finger humps in place.  See below for cost to remove finger humps.

Finger Hump removal: $35.00
This removes the humps on the front strap.  The front strap will look and feel like the 2nd gen Glocks.  This can be done without having to texture the entire grip.  This does require texturing of the front strap.

Backstrap texturing only: $25.00
This is only for texturing the backstrap only.  The factory checking is removed and replaced with requested texturing.  This is only the rectangular area on the backstrap of the frame.

Grip Reduction package: $165.00
This reduces the backstrap section of the Glock pistols.  It eliminates the hump.  Option 1: Texturing can be done on the backstrap around to the sides and between the finger humps
Option 2:  Texturing can be done around the entire grip surface, same as 360 texturingPlease specify which option you would like when you send your pistol.
Either option is included in the price. 
            Note:  On the Gen4 and Gen 5 Glock pistols, you lose the ability to switch backstraps

Glock Grip Chop: $70.00
This modification reduces the overall length of the Glock grip. Example is chop from a G17/22 down to a G19/23 dimension.   This modification can be done with or without a reduction.  The bottom of the magwell is beveled to allow ease of magazine feeding.   Please include the  shorter magazine with your frame.  This is to produce an exact match to your equipment.   Texturing is not included in this price. Refer to the texturing packages for texturing prices.

Undercut trigger guard: $15.00
Removes a small amount of material from under the trigger guard.  This allows a slightly higher hold on the pistol as well as eliminating "Glock Knuckle.

Texturing forward frame flats:  $15.00
This is the area in front of the takedown tab.  Includes both sides.

Texturing of Grip panels S&W M&P/Glock Backstrap panels: $15.00
For each grip panel.

Magwell Cutouts Glock or M&P: $30.00 
Two semicircular cuts are made on the side of the grip panels.  These are to aid in magazine removal in the event of a stuck magazine The cuts are also radiused to eliminate magazines catching while feeding.

Round Trigger guard $35.00
This includes texturing on the underside of trigger guard, all or partial.

Magazine extension texturing $20.00
One magazine extension texturing is included with customer order.  This is the cost to texture each extension after that.  Note: A&G grip extensions are an extra charge of $15 for texturing only.  $20 for reducing them to match a reduction and texturing.

Glock "Bobtail" $50.00
This Modification cuts off the bottom back of the grip section.  It resembles the Ed Brown style Bobtail on the 1911.  It reduces printing of the grip when carried as a CCW.  The texture on the bobtail matches the OEM Glock texturing.  The other textures are unable to be applied to the bobtail.  This modification can only be performed on the midsiezed and full sized black non SF Glock frames due to the recessed magazine and grip design. 
M&P Trigger undercut and radius: $55.00
This is for the S&W M&P.  It undercuts the trigger, radius and smooths out the area.  Includes smoothing and texturing of the trigger guard area as well.  Front of trigger guard can be left smooth per customer request.

Recess cut mag release "Glock" $20.00
This Modification cuts a recess in the magazine release area.  It allows for easier access to the magazine release.  I also radius the edges of the magazine release to remove the sharp edges.  This is included in the price. This can not be done to the 4th gen frames.

Glock trigger guard memory cut: $30.00
This is a second undercut in the middle of the Glock trigger guard.  It is a groove used by the support hand index finger.  This can be textured or left smooth per request.

Stand alone Speedwell Option Glock: $35.00
The back strap channel is filled and a speedwell is molded into the channel.  This aids in magzine feeding.  This is included in the reductions, but can be added to any Glock frame without a reduction.
Please Note: These are just the most requested services listed. If there is something you would like to have done, please ask.
Each one of these services or options is able to be individually tailored to the customer
Please specify what type of texturing/stippling you would like to have done at the time of your order.
Turnaround times will be quoted at the time of ordering.  The average turnaround time for most of the work can be completed in about 4 to 7 weeks.  This of course does not include shipping times to and from my shop.  I limit the amount of orders that I take during a particular time so I can maintain this level of customer service.
All prices and information is current as of 08/2019, and are subject to change.
Glock, Springfield XD, and S&W M&P are not related to this company

Return shipping is no longer included in the reduction costs**. Return shipping for all work is $20.00. You may include a return shipping label in your order is you chose. For more detailed shipping information, please check out out the shippinig and information page.  A work order form must be included with each order.